How to become a morning person

road trip sunset

Damn I’ve been busy. In addition to working my butt off on some exciting projects that will hopefully help me be my own boss in the near future, I was out of town most of last week. I spent 4 days in Virginia for a work meeting, came home for less than 24 hours, and then skipped off for a road trip to the other side of Michigan to spend a long weekend full of sun and beer in Grand Rapids.

All this running around has got me thinking that I really need to scoop up a few extra hours in my day. Since time turners only exist in Harry Potter’s world for now, my next best option is to commit to goal #72: Wake up at 7am every day for a week. Waking up early is a particular kind of torture for me. If I’m not about to be late for something REALLY important, I’m totally unable to get out of bed without snoozing my alarm 1 million times. Day after day I do this, regardless of how committed I become to experiencing a morning during my waking hours.

So here’s the deal, internet people. I’m counting on y’all for some social pressure to actually do this thing. Next week is go time. I’m gonna knock this goal out and while I’m at it, build a new lasting habit that’ll extend beyond this trial week. There, I said it on the internet so now I have to deliver!

Here are my strategies for waking up early:

  1. Go to bed on time – You’re nothing without those 7-8 hours!
  2. Stop snoozing! – Real talk. I have been known to snooze my alarm (which goes off at 10 minute intervals) for up to 2 hours before actually getting out of bed. This is terrible and I know it. During those 2 hours all I’m doing is being annoyed, annoying my boyfriend (bless his heart he never complains), and getting the absolute worst sleep (can you even call that sleep?). Time to end the cycle! Wake up on the FIRST alarm!
  3. Wake up slow – My body is incapable of bounding out of bed at the first sound of an alarm. So instead I’ll focus on waking up slow, staying in bed for a little while (no snoozing allowed!), checking Instagram or reading a couple pages in a book to ease into wakefulness.
  4. Drink water – This is one of the easiest things you can do to wake up in the morning. You’re dehydrated when you wake up and being dehydrated makes you feel slothy and yucky. Drinking water first thing will help get that energy going. Bonus: nothing works better for getting me out of bed than a full bladder.
  5. Make mornings fun – Listen to music, get outside for some fresh air, treat myself to donuts. Burn into my memory that waking up early = good.

Got any other brilliant wake up early strategies? I’d love to hear them! (I’m gonna need all the help I can get)


13 thoughts on “How to become a morning person

  1. I think that your strategy should work fine. Of course I who sleeps like a sloth and doesn’t even remember anymore what a morning looks like am the worst person in the world to be able advise you, but I am a good strategist and if I had to wake up in the morning I would do exactly like you. The snoozing is the worst thing that one can do and should totally be eliminated. Instead of snoozing you can take a number say fifty or less or or more and count backwards in your head while still laying in bed until you reach zero and at zero you get out of bed. Believe me that it works and is good for the brain too! One more thing that I would do is that as soon as you get up you stretch up your arms and body and take two or three deep breath this will wake you up fully.! Another thing that I do is that after I’m out of bed I brush my teeth. In my case it wakes me up totally and makes me ready to face the day.

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  2. Love this list! I totally pull the multiple snoozes trick, but I get out of bed after 3 5-minute interval snooze button hits. Still, at least sitting up in my bed on the first alarm could be a start.
    One thing that helps me is opening my curtains to let the sunlight in.

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  3. I am a big snoozer or rather a big fan of switching it off. In fact, just did that this morning when the alarm rang and I switched it off thinking I would get up in some time to go for that morning walk. Nope, didn’t happen. Gotta try again!

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    • Oof yeah I’ve been there too. Learned the hard way that I should never fully turn my alarm off until I’m physically out of bed. I’m with you on the “try again tomorrow” motto. I’ve only recently discovered how much more productive it is than beating myself up about what I didn’t do today.

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