Day 1

Well shit, it’s been more than a year since I made this plan, and I’ve only managed to check 6 things off my list. I’m a great procrastinator and a bad follow-througher like most humans these days. I started this list on the Day Zero Project website, then I decided to take it to Tumblr for some extra accountability, and now I’m here on WordPress since I think I like this platform better.

To get things rolling, here’s a post about one of the first items I crossed off my list, copied from my now defunct Tumblr:


Last Friday I went to D’Mongo’s for the first time with my roommate A. and my boyfriend J. We had gone to this Redbull sponsored art exhibit in Eastern Market, but after taking the last two beers from the open bar, and checking out the five or six different exhibits, we decided to take off for D’Mongo’s.

We got there around 11pm and the place was full.  Completely full to the point that I’m sure several fire codes were being broken. A polite blonde woman checked our IDs at the door, advised us that we’d (obviously) have to stand since there was no seating open at that time, and let us try to cram our bodies into the crowd.

A. was at the bar before I could properly orient myself or figure out where the delicious barbeque smell was coming from. She’d been there before, but I think she would have tunneled her way through the mass of people just as well if she hadn’t. When we had first arrived at the Redbull Gallery earlier in the night she was clipping through the crowd ahead of me with such agility that even though I was focusing hard on her tan coat, I lost her after just a couple of seconds.

A. had her beers in hand (two because there was no way we were getting back up to that bar for a second round) and was halfway through the first one before J. and I even figured out the best way to squeeze up to the bar. Eventually, clasping five High Lifes between the three of us, we snuck into an unclaimed alcove flanked on one side by an “employee’s only” door and on another by a fortunate group that had gotten there early enough to secure a table.

As we relaxed into our spot for the night, I was finally able to look around me. The place looked like a much better version of TGI Fridays, with all sorts of stuff covering the walls. Except instead of lame sports memorabilia and tacky street signs, there were posters of Billie Holiday and framed quotes from Beethoven along the forest green walls. A band was playing up front, but they were a little too slow and mellow for the bustling bar to notice.

By the time our beers were empty, sweat was dripping down my back and I was ready to savor the chilly night air. We didn’t stay much longer than the time it takes me to drink one beer (which is about the same amount of time it takes most other people to drink two beers), but I’m looking forward to going back a little earlier in the night so we can get a seat and enjoy the scenery a little more before the bodies and their radiating heat become too much to handle.